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My name is Dr. Dan Stambaugh. I am a chiropractor by day at Old School Chiropractic in Canal Winchester, OH check me out here.  I am also a solo acoustic guitar player and singer.  I am an Ohio native  and have been blessed to travel all around the world to include Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and many places in the United States where I have practiced and played music in all of these locations. 

I realized that I had this great passion and gift to play music while in Chiropractic College at Life College in Georgia. I taught myself how to read music and play guitar and never looked back. I play OVER 300 songs to memory from a variety of different genres. This includes Oldies, Folk, Classic Rock, Country, and Current Popular Music.

I play at very different locations including wineries, pubs, private events (ex. weddings/private parties), festivals, and local venues. Please feel free to contact me if you need to book me for ANYTHING here.

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